Mission Statement

Police International Exchange Incorporated (PoliceXchange), is a non profit company based in the United States of America that provides both training and equipment to police agencies domestic and abroad.  We specialize in using current and active officers for training and consulting in every aspect of law enforcement. Equipment is donated or purchased and given to those in need. We travel or host law enforcement officers or agencies to accomplish like goals.

Support the security for our homeland and our partners abroad. With training for our first responders and police officers, we strengthen our commitment to preventing crime. It should be every American man and woman’s duty to support the continued training of our police forces who protect and serve.

The Police International Exchange has a vision where as the law enforcement community as a whole would have access to the necessary things to protect and serve their communities from unlawful and dangerous activities. Fulfilling this vision will be done by funding and facilitating the education and training of law enforcement officers worldwide. By using active officers, current and relative training techniques we provide the best education and training in every aspect of law enforcement.  In order to maximize the education and training, purchased or donated materials and equipment are provided when necessary or available to enhance the receiving organizations ability to combat unlawful and dangerous activities.

Value statement/ Working Credo:

Working Credo When making decisions at the Police International Exchange, the board, staff and volunteers will be accountable for and conscious of the following: The best decision will be the decision that provides the best end result for the highest number of our partners, the clients they serve, the issues they address, and the future of our society.

- The core reason the Police International Exchange exists is to increase the current effectiveness of organizations tasked with upholding and enforcing laws and protecting society, while working simultaneously to eliminate organizations not having access to the education, training and equipment they require to properly protect society from the growing threats of unlawful groups and organizations. Today’s decisions will therefore be made in the context of both today and tomorrow, asking the question, “How will this decision affect the future of our organization AND the future of society?”

- All parties to any decision will be treated with respect, dignity, compassion, grace, integrity, honesty and humanity.

- Our message must be positive, that we CAN make change. With a passionate optimistic message, we can change minds and move mountains.

We can accomplish significant change if society works together, focusing ALL the varied resources towards improving our society’s quality of life. All of society must share ownership of our problems and our solutions.